Free Shipping on Everything including XL Awnings and Shades!

Free Shipping on Everything including XL Awnings and Shades!

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General Questions

If your awning is such high-quality, why is it cheaper than other awnings? Will will it last?

How are your awnings in the wind? Can I leave my awning open all the time?

What accessories do you offer?

Can an awning help keep the inside of my home cooler?

Is the motor included or do I have to purchase it separately?

Measure + Install Questions

I'm not a professional carpenter - I'm not even that handy with tools. Can I really install my awning myself?

I have a Ranch house with low eaves. Will the the Graber Motorized Awning by SunSetter fit on my home?

Are your awnings good for use on a garage, outbuilding, or mobile home?

My deck only comes out 8 ft from my house. Can I still use your Graber Motorized Awning?

Can I install the awning on vinyl or aluminum siding, stucco, or on masonry?

Can I mount the awning directly to a soffit or overhang?

Will I need to hire an electrician to wire my Graber Motorized Awning by SunSetter?

Can I install my awning on an RV?

Fabric/Construction Questions

What type of fabric do you use and how long does it last?

What about rain? Will I have problems with leaks?

Is the awning fabric easy to clean?

Will my awning ship from outside the USA?

Will the metal components rust?

What kind of paint is on the metal?

Operation Questions

Do I have to take down my awning and store it over the winter?

What do I do if I lose my electricity? How can I close the Motorized awning?

Can I stop the awning before it is fully extended?